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Meet the team

Meet the team

They’re the crème de la crème. The bee’s knees. The cat’s pyjamas. Ok, you get it. We might be biased, but we think our team are pretty much the best there is. Find out who they all are, what they do, and what makes them tick below…

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Alison Dooley
Alison Dooley - Finance & Administration

Alison spends her time crunching numbers, dealing with accounts and domains. She loves excel spreadsheets and algebraic formulas! In her spare time Alison goes running.. so that she can eat chocolate (we like her thinking), sails a Graduate with her husband and belongs to a reading club which is an excuse for gossiping and drinking!

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Richard Shackleton
Richard Shackleton - Developer

Rich is a self-taught developer and works both client-side and server-side. Genuinely passionate about what he does, he reads and researches development in his spare bringing his learning's to work. He's a self-confessed video game nerd and music lover.

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Alix Taylor
Alix Taylor - Technical Specialist

The coolest geek we know. With the best quiff. Alix takes care of the systems and infrastructure which is essential to our business. He also manages our clients hosting solutions.

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Andy Ireland
Andy Ireland - Video Producer

Office comedian and all round nice guy. Andy is our Video Producer. Passionate about film (good job really!) and he's a huge Leeds fan (don't judge).

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Jonathan Healey
Jonathan Healey - Divisional Managing Director

Highly technical, yet refreshingly business-minded, our Divisional MD Jonathan is an integral member of our team. He troubleshoots technical issues, visits clients and presents at sales pitches, seminars and conferences.

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Claire Locker
Claire Locker - Client Services Director

A force to be reckoned with. As our Client Services Director she maintains excellent working relationships with our clients, while supporting the rest of the Client Services team. With a background in marketing and an eye for design, she brings a fresh approach to our clients projects. Always up-to-date with industry trends, she works hard on delivering digital strategies for our clients.

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Steve Knight
Steve Knight - Operations Director

Steve runs the production team, which involves quality, delivery, testing, IT and project management. He is a fanatical DIY'er - and he's actually quite good at it! He even built his own loft conversion!

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Philip Robinson
Philip Robinson - Finance Manager

Philip is our chief penny counter. He takes care of the finances so that we can take care of our clients. He's not only a cricket fanatic and runner, he's also a huge fan of heavy metal! (Go Phil!)

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Sarah Pickles
Sarah Pickles - Key Account Manager

Sarah loves the variety her role brings. She approaches her projects with a marketing focus, looking at the strategic goals for the client, bringing them fresh ideas and solutions. (And she runs a tight ship when it comes to managing projects!) A people person, she builds and maintains great relationships with clients who trust and value her advice. Outside of work she enjoys eating out and a spot of Zumba!

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Kelly Gifford
Kelly Gifford - Account Manager

Kelly works closely with both our Account Managers and clients to launch websites, and improve existing websites. She regularly writes recommendations on ways to improve clients sites based on the latest industry trends. Kelly is our Southern fairy, hailing from Chelmsford (and retaining the accent!). Outside of work she can often be found on the back of a motorbike (rock and roll!)

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Charlotte Nelson
Charlotte Nelson - Senior Designer

Resident chatterbox, Charlotte's wicked sense of humour matched with the ability to bring the team together is fundamental to NetConstruct's culture. A passionate designer with exacting standards, she ensures creativity and functionality are applied in equal measure.

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Karen Drew
Karen Drew - Sales Support Manager

Resident wordsmith, Karen puts together all our client proposals while keeping the rest of the team in order (well... looking after us all!). Outside of work Karen is a keen baker and singer! (Watch out bake off!)

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Adrian Brunton
Adrian Brunton - Senior Developer

Adrian AKA "Adj" is our resident travel expert. He's camped in the Serengeti (and was stalked by a Lion!). He's attended the Harbin Ice Festival (where it was -20 degrees!) He's even been paragliding across Brazil! Adj joined NetConstruct as a graduate over 7 years ago, and has become one of our most knowledgeable developers.

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Chris Grey
Chris Grey - Senior Developer

As a Developer, Chris is passionate about solving problems and enjoys being a part of the creative process from a technical perspective. Chris is also NetConstruct's house musician, playing guitar. He creates electronic music in his spare time. A massive racing and F1 fan, he's not only checked off Silverstone and Spa, he's even driven the famous Nurburgring circuit in Germany.

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Liam Goldfinch
Liam Goldfinch - Developer

Helpdesk Guru Liam enjoys assisting clients by handling their tickets and getting them resolved asap. In his spare time he loves discovering new web development techniques and playing around with C++ and assembly language, going to the cinema and playing video games. As a Geordie, he obviously supports the best football club in the world...Newcastle United (his words!).

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Steven Barker
Steven Barker - Developer

SB is one of the latest additions to our team. He's always happy to help clients with their technical issues, which is fortunate because all of his friends seem to think he's a free IT helpdesk! Outside of the office Steven is a massive Formula 1 fanatic and annual Silverstone visitor!

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Andrew Rae
Andrew Rae - Account Executive

Andrew is our resident Man United fanatic and has a passion for food of all sorts, but doesn’t dribble. Half Peruvian, half Scottish and sporting a full quiff, Andrew is a ‘glass half full’ guy and you’ll often find him on the inside of a gym.

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Iain Irving
Iain Irving - IT Administrator

A self-confessed geek, Iain helps Alix keep all our systems running smoothly. If you can’t find him inside his computer then he’s probably playing on it. Iain also likes to get things physical and you may find him in the gym, on his bike or hitting the streets in his running shoes.

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Ben Stephenson
Ben Stephenson - Developer

Ben is our shutterbug, a keen photographer with a penchant for landscapes and nature, who can regularly be found in and around Chatsworth Gardens. An ardent video game player and creator, Ben’s Xbox One, WiiU and 3DS all get a good hammering. He has also run his fair share of10K races, including a night race, and he has his eye on next year’s marathon.

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Liz Beesley
Liz Beesley - Traffic Manager

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Ashley Warrington
Ashley Warrington - Front End Developer

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