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NetConstruct 404 Awards

Web development agency NetConstruct overcame fierce competition at the international 404 Awards in Las Vegas earlier this month, picking up the trophy for ‘Best Visitor Engagement’ for its creative approach to the Ryobi Tools’ website 404 page.

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Jonathan Healey
Jonathan Healey Divisional Managing Director 23 November 2016

Solve human problems (A 5 minute read)

Sprints. Phases. Betas. Iterations… The world of web service design, once the sphere of glamorous big-bang releases, now often revolves around ongoing analysis and incremental improvement - continuously tested, launched, monitored and refined.

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Liz Beesley
Liz Beesley Traffic Manager 25 August 2016

Katherine’s Eye-Opening Expedition to Malawi

Last month, NetConstruct’s Katherine Shoesmith journeyed to Malawi to build an educational garden in the village of Nkope, close to the village and training centre of Chilema that her late grandfather helped establish more than 50 years ago. This is her account of the expedition.

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Liz Beesley
Liz Beesley Traffic Manager 22 August 2016

Privacy and Security

In the modern age of the internet, there are increasing reports of data breaches, corporate hacks, leaked emails and information dumps. The growing trend of cyber-crime and the implications that it brings are that, as the internet grows, the issue of how to keep your data and privacy safe and protected intensifies. 

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Iain Irving
Iain Irving IT Administrator 08 July 2016

Developer Blog

Custom Kentico EMS Reporting

Out of the box Kentico provides clients an easy way of managing their EMS and web analytics data, however as client demands increase we are regularly being asked to implement custom activity tracking on sites as they strive to make more effective use of their site.

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Steven Barker
Steven Barker Developer 09 September 2016

Kentico Roles

Security is always necessary in business. Whether it is locking up at night, limiting who has access to the petty cash to those who work in Accounts or have a card reader on the door, we all feel better knowing who can do what. It’s the same with websites and their administration area. Obviously, you don’t want every user to be able to log in and edit something on the site and you may want to limit certain areas of the site to members you trust. Kentico uses two settings to allow us (and you) to create specific permissions on your site.

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Ben Stephenson
Ben Stephenson Developer 08 August 2016

Using SOLID principles with modern website development

As a company over the past few years, we have been adapting our coding style to keep in step with best practises adopted by other developers in the industry. This is helping us to produce far more efficient, modular code which is much more extensible and reusable.

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Adrian Brunton
Adrian Brunton Senior Developer 20 July 2016

Kentico Web Templates

As developers, we are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our work and start working on the custom elements of websites quicker. Alongside the Yeoman Generator that Rich has created, I have been spending my divergence time building us a Kentico Web Template.

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Ben Stephenson
Ben Stephenson Developer 06 July 2016
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