Powering up power tools online

Part of the TTi Group, RYOBI design and produce innovative (not to say cool) home and garden power-tools. They focus on being creative - and need a web agency that can do the same. That's us.

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Better integration

RYOBI have an extensive product inventory in their Agility PIM, so knitting into that allowed them to manage their web presentation using the same system as used for their other channels. PIM updates are web updates - removing the need for duplicated effort with content entry.


NetConstruct have delivered what we call 'near-commerce' for RYOBI, integrating PriceSpider technology. This allows customers to quickly check availability of products at both local, physical resellers as well as in online stores.


With more than 20 discreet territory sites managed centrally, standard and custom translation services are used to help with content management. Additionally our integration with Mailgun gives Ryobi the ability to send over half a million emails each month throughout Europe, targeted through our implementation of Kentico EMS.

Traffic up
63% from last year
20 languages
2 million active users

"We have partnered with NetConstuct for six years and they have been fundamental in growing our online presence across Europe. The custom built Agility importer has allowed us to run the website from a single data source that when updated gets transferred to the live websites. They have made fantastic developments on websites performance and we are currently implementing features of the Kentico EMS platform onto the websites so that Ryobi can utilise its sophisticated marketing tools such as marketing automation and content personalisation to deliver custom experiences to the users. The team is a joy to work with and is always prepared to go the extra mile."

Joe Wicks, Digital Marketing Manager Ryobi